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The Visit of Cultural and Educational Centres by Riga Students

On November 27, 2015, 09 a.m. - 7 p.m. Riga Purvciems Secondary School in collaboration with the International Association of Experts in Children Education on High Technologies (IAECEHT) supported by the Riga City Council Department of Education, Culture and Sports will commence the third cycle of the business game “Journalist – a Mirror of Riga” for secondary school students.

“We continue the study of the city in the last cycle of the game. This time, the students will be placed into a familiar environment - the day will be dedicated to the educational and cultural institutions”, reported the IAECEHT expert and one of the organizers of the event, Mikhail Epstein. Presently, the selected partners are: The Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theatre, the Riga Zoo, Riga Central Library, the House of Technical Creativity “Anna-2”, The House of Non-governmental Organizations and the Culture Center “Ritums.”

As in the previous game cycles, the participants come from various backgrounds having different languages of studies (Russian, Latvian or English). Even though, they can easily find a common language in order to achieve the mutually set goals, which serves as a good example of integration. Apart from Riga Purvciems Secondary School, the project engages Riga Centre Humanitarian Secondary School, Riga Wilhelm Ostwald Secondary School, Pushkin Lyceum, as well as Riga Secondary School No. 22.

The previous two games were held in a friendly atmosphere. Besides, having received positive feedback from the participants, it has been agreed to continue the series. The main objectives are the same – the students learn how to ensure and maintain the functioning of various organizations, identify the difficulties encountered and come up with a journalistic article afterwards. Their works will be evaluated by the experienced journalists and the best works will be later published on the portals, and in other media.

In addition to practical skills, the business game guides the students to careers they could be great at. “This day might determine the students’ career paths. The concept of the game has already been successfully implemented and we are ready to offer it to an increasing number of Latvian students”, Riga Purvciems Secondary School principal, Yuri Klyukin, reported.

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