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Riga Students will Learn about the Operation of Riga Medical Institutions and Social Services

On October 21, 2015, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. Riga Purvciems Secondary School in collaboration with the International Association of Experts in Children Education on High Technologies (IAECEHT) supported by the Riga City Council Department of Education, Culture and Sports will commence the second cycle of the business game “Journalist – a Mirror of Riga” for secondary school students.

“We continue learning about the system of the city management. In September, the students investigated the functioning of Riga Municipality enterprises. This time, we have invited them to find out about Riga hospitals and social services”, reported the IAECEHT expert and one of the organizers of the event, Mikhail Epstein. Presently, the selected partners are: Riga First Hospital, Riga Maternity Hospital, Riga City Social Care Centre “Gaiļezers”, Riga Shelter Day Centre, ”Plavnieki” Social Care Centre and Day-care Centre ”Kamene”.

Apart from Riga Purvciems Secondary School, the project engages Riga 3rd Gymnasium, Private High School “INNOVA”, as well as Riga Secondary Schools No 10 and 95. The project involves three game cycles. Each of them would address a specific topic related to urban management or social and cultural life of the city, such as transport services, water supply or healthcare and culture. Thus, the goal for the students would be to learn how to ensure and maintain the functioning of the capital and to come up with a journalistic article afterwards. Their works will be evaluated by the experienced journalists and the best works will be later published on the portals, and in other media.

Amateur journalists have only one day to move from the initiation stage to the collaborative creation of a newspaper. “This is the essence of our approach. We believe that it is the lack of professional experience and special training that allows children to take a fresh look at familiar things”, Riga Purvciems Secondary School principal, Yuri Klyukin, reported.

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