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Riga Students will be introduced to High Technologies

December 5, 2014, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Riga Purvciems Secondary School in collaboration with the International Association of Experts in Children Education on High Technologies (IAECEHT) will pilot the business game “Journalist: Hi-Tech in Riga” for secondary school students from Latvia and Estonia. “There are two main goals. The first goal is to tell the students about modern high-tech enterprises in Latvia. The second objective is to introduce the profession of a journalist to the students. Apart from Riga Purvciems Secondary School, the project engages Riga Secondary Schools 34 and 40, as well as Tallinn Humanitarian Gymnasium and Linnamyaesky Russian Lyceum. The IAECEHT expert and one of the organizers of the event, Mikhail Epstein, assures that “the students of these schools will take a fascinating journey into the world of technology”.

The students involved will be able to observe closely the functioning of several manufactures which use the latest scientific developments. These are “Grindeks JSC”, “Sidrabe JSC”, “Groglass LLC”, “Mass Portal LLC” and “WMT Baltic LLC”. Each group of students is given a task to collect relevant material on one of these companies and write an article afterwards. Their works will be evaluated by the experienced journalists and the best of them will later be published on the portal and in other media.

“It is important to give the children an idea of different professions available for them after finishing school. By inviting our project members to the leading Latvian enterprises, we hope to get them involved in high technologies - the most promising direction nowadays. Besides, they have the opportunity to become an apprentice reporter, a columnist, an editor or a public relations expert”, Riga Purvciems Secondary School principal, Yuri Klyukin, reported.

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