Support and development of cooperation between specialists from different countries participating in educational projects for children on high technologies.

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About Association

Purpose of the Association

Support and development of cooperation between specialists from different countries participating in educational projects for children on high technologies.

Research Infrastructure

The experts, members of the Association, have conducted the research in the following areas:

  • History and Philosophy of Science

  • Ethical issues of implementation of nanotechnology

  • The educational use of modern technologies

  • Implementation of STEM-approach in public school

  • Social Pedagogy (psychological ascpects of adolescents development)

  • Organization of specialized physical and mathematical schools, training students in STEM area

  • Innovative educational technology

  • Social Partnership in Education

Expertise Description

The experts, members of the Association, have the following experience and competence:

  • Arrangement and implementation of the scientific practical summer school for teenagers in STEM-Education and high-tech enterpreneurship. Partners of the Summer School are high-tech organizations; the students involved in the event participate in scientific research, discussions, workshops, laboratory work and project groups, learn the model of business and science interaction and solve real business cases.

  • Development and administration of a variety of educational programs for high school students in the field of modern science and high technologies in partnership with companies of the high-tech industry.

  • Development of educational materials for schools in the field of natural science and high technology, including the content of nanotechnology (ranging from elementary to high school).

  • Providing support and assistance for schools and teachers in the development of new educational technologies, particularly in the field of natural science and technology.

  • Development of the programs which aid the use of modern gadgets and contemporary technological means in school subjects, namely, mathematics.

  • Educating and providing training for students and teachers in the field of modern education and, in particular, STEAM approach.

  • Development and testing of integrated and cross-subject educational and entertaining programs for STEM and Technopreneurship, in particular in the field of nano.

  • Development and administration of the network of educational projects.

  • Participation in the management, coordination and implementation of international projects, particularly in the “international programme Debates” (Soros Foundation).

  • School management, the development of school educational programme, supporting and guiding the school in the network and international projects participation.

The following are the programmes developed and implemented by the experts:

  • educational student trips to high-tech industry enterprises;

  • mass (network) educational game for high school “Journalist. Trip to the factory, “Journalist. Science and technology in the region”;

  • didactic game in the history of science and invention,” Detective Agency";

  • 1 - 5 day cross-curricular integrative educational immersion in the scientific themes, non-curricular concepts;

  • training course on natural history “Mysteries of Nature” for students of primary school (grades 1-4);

  • 1 - 3 day educational game on nanoscience and nanobusiness “Nanotechnology: from the idea to implementation”.


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Each Association member must pay an annual membership fee: EUR 50.

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Organization Details

Organization name: The International Association of Experts in Children Education on High Technologies

Legal address: lūkstes iela 42-67, Rīga, LV-1082, Latvia

Registration number: 40008218854

Participant Identification Code (PIC) in E.C. Beneficiary Register: 933098388

Bank account details:

International bank account number (IBAN): LV84HABA0551050338789

Bank name: AS Swedbank

Bank code, BIC/SWIFT code: HABALV22

Bank address: Balasta dambis 1a, Rīga, LV-1048, Latvia









Our Vision

Education is a Shortest Way to Make This World Better!

Association Members

Valerii Puzyrevskii

Valerii Puzyrevskii

Board Member

Mikhail Epshteyn

Mikhail Epshteyn

Head of Board

Dmitrijs Vinogradovs

Dmitrijs Vinogradovs

Board Member